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M.A. Ford® TuffCut® SS 11211810T Center Cutting Square End End Mill, 3 mm Dia Cutter, 12 mm Length of Cut, 3 Flutes, 3 mm Dia Shank, 38 mm OAL, TiN Coated

mill end 3mm 12mm 3 3mm 38mm tin ctd rh

Stellar Part #FORDM 11204

MFG Part #11211810T

MFG Name:M.A. Ford

Product Description:

M.A. Ford® TuffCut® SS End Mill, Center Cutting Square End, Series: 112, 3 mm Diameter Cutter, 38 mm Overall Length, 12 mm Length of Cut, 3 Flutes, 3 mm Shank Diameter, Right Hand Cutting Direction, 53 deg Helix Angle, Carbide, TiN Coated
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  • Excellent surface finishes
  • Slotting at 1X Dia deep
  • TiN coating adds lubricity to prevent edge build up
  • Tin coating has shown good results in low carbon steels and many iron-based applications
  • It is a very popular coating used in the industry today
  • +0.000/-0.04 mm tolerance h10
  • 2300 HV microhardness
  • 1112 deg F maximum service
  • 0.4 friction coefficient
  • High speed and feed capabilities
  • High helix angle increases length of cutting edge engaged in the cut, reducing cutting load variations and prolonging tool life
  • Designed for milling stainless steel, titanium, inconel, cast iron, hardened steel and special alloys, where high cutting forces are generated
  • Works well as a finishing tool
  • Whisper blend transition between OD and neck
  • Reduced vibration harmonics
  • Improved part finishes
  • Maintains cutting edge strength and sharpness for improved tool life