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M.A. Ford® Twister® GP 20478120 General Purpose Jobber Length Drill Bit, 25/32 in Drill - Fraction, 0.7812 in Drill - Decimal Inch, 118 deg Point, Solid Carbide, Bright

bit dr lg jobber 25/32in 0.7812in 118deg

Stellar Part #FORDM 24892

MFG Part #20478120

MFG Name:M.A. Ford

Product Description:

M.A. Ford® Twister® GP Jobber Length Drill Bit, General Purpose, Series: 204, Imperial, 25/32 in Drill - Fraction, 0.7812 in Drill - Decimal Inch, 6 in Overall Length, 5XD Cutting Depth, 2 Flutes, Spiral Flute, 4 in Flute Length, Straight Shank, 118 deg Point, 4-Facet Point, Right Hand Cutting Direction, Solid Carbide Cutting Edge, No Through Coolant, Solid Carbide, Bright, Applicable Materials: Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron and Non-Ferrous Materials
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  • Designed for maximum flexibility and performance when drilling a wide variety of materials, ranging from soft, non-ferrous materials to hardened steels
  • High feed rates with excellent chip evacuation
  • Accurate hole size in a wide range of materials
  • Pre-drilling and follow-up operations can often be eliminated because of the quality and performance of M.A. Ford® drills
  • Minimal wander produces maximum precision, productivity and drill life
  • Web-thinned drill designs are available for reduced power requirements, lower temperatures and extended drill life
  • 3-flute geometries are available to reduce chip load/tooth and increase tool life in highly alloyed steels
  • Designed to allow high feed rates with good chip flow
  • Four facet drill point minimizes drill wander and assures accurately sized holes