Stellar Industrial
Over $188.5M all time savings
Over $19.45M saved in 2023
2023 Stellar 13.20% customer-approved DCS average

Anything that can improve plant efficiencies or increase throughput goes directly to the bottom line. Typical areas where gaps exist include workflow and processes, inventory logistics, tool holding techniques, and selecting the latest, best-fitting products that can make operations run more smoothly. Helping manufacturers improve in these areas across-the board is what Stellar Industrial Supply Specialists do best.

Our Documented Cost Savings Program: What It Is and How and Why It Works

The Documented Cost Savings Program is a simple yet elegant plan: our customers agree to purchase a higher volume and a wider range of products when purchased through us, but only once we have proven that we can produce documented costs savings. It is a mutual benefit for both parties. In recognizing our vision to create “Ideal Customer-Supplier Partnerships” this program enables us to act as advocates for our customers’ best interests.

By implementing this program, we aim to maximize profits and inventory turns. Creating better capacity through better processes leads to increased revenue per machine, while also reducing capital requirements for new equipment. Extrapolating this concept across multiple products results in reduced overhead and carrying costs.

We have clearly demonstrated the value of our win/win partnership approach that the DCS program was designed to generate. In 2022 alone, we and our partners combined to generate almost $18M million in customer approved documented cost savings.

When you partner with us, you get personal service beyond product supply. Our value-added services enable you to benefit from our technology and training, from systems designed for customers to proficiencies enabling your success.

2023 STARS Supplier Partners that will help drive this year's Documented Cost Savings

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"Utilizing Crib Master and on-site support, Stellar ensures we do not have stock outages that can shut down production lines. Daily real time inventory control with Crib Master supports this function. Stellar also brings in new products for evaluation and approval to decrease costs and improve production time."

"Stellar Provides excellent customer service and support with their VMI program. Having vendor-managed inventory has greatly reduced our need to order tooling, as well as eliminated the need to rush tools in because of being out of stock. This has saved countless hours and dollars in shipping charges. Stellar has helped us improve by introducing us to new brands of tooling that we would not normally have found. We were able to get a better quality and more cost effective tools that we now keep on VMI."