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Stellar Industrial Supply, Inc. places great value on your privacy and its protection. We believe the issue of privacy and security of information forms the core of our online relationship with you and every customer who purchases our products and services via our Website. Our objective is to ensure that maximum confidentiality and privacy is always maintained to the greatest degree possible. Following is an overview of our Privacy Policy and how information about you, your company and your account is collected, managed, and protected.

We will NEVER give or sell personal or confidential information about you, your company, or your account to any third party not affiliated with your transaction except as required by law, or necessary to provide the services requested by you, or as requested and authorized by you to do so.

We will make your personal information available to those individuals, business partners, and third parties who must have access to meet your needs.

We will employ security technologies and best business practices to protect your personal information from disclosure or theft.

We will provide the means for you to maintain control over your personal information and its removal from our database.

If you ever feel that Stellar Industrial Supply, Inc. is not adhering to a strict Privacy Policy or is in some way compromising the integrity or security of your personally identifiable information, please contact Stellar Industrial Supply, Inc., 253-383-2700, or [email protected] .

How We Collect and Use Information about You and Your Account

To best meet your needs and provide the highest possible level of customer service, we need information. When you register with Stellar Industrial Supply, Inc. browse our Online Catalog, place an Online Order, or otherwise access our Website, we collect and store information including your name, title, company, shipping and billing addresses, phone number, fax number, email address, login ID, password, product selections, credit or other payment information, Uniform Resource Locator (URL), Internet Protocol (IP) address, and other demographic and profile data necessary to enable our business relationship. This information has only one purpose, to assist us in providing you with high quality, efficient and personalized services while making your use of our Website faster and easier. We use the information collected only for the purposes of registering you as a Stellar Industrial Supply, Inc. customer, enabling you to access secure areas of our Website, processing and fulfilling your orders, informing you of your order status, and certain other functions. This information is strictly confidential and is shared only among those people and entities that require it to meet your business needs.

You Are Responsible for Protecting Information and Systems on Your Premises

Some information about your company and your packages may be stored in shipping systems located on your premises. If you are concerned about the security of information in these systems, you should secure it by activating passwords and using physical access controls. When these systems (hardware or software) are provided by Stellar Industrial Supply, Inc., we provide tools to facilitate these efforts to safeguard your information.

Security-Your Secrets Are Safe with Us

With tools such as secure servers, passwords, firewalls, Secure Socket Layers (SSL), encryption and security software, your personally identifiable information is safeguarded to the maximum extent possible. We take every measure necessary to ensure that your information, including credit transactions and order fulfillment activity, is protected from loss, misuse, alteration, or theft while under our control both online and off-line. If you have specific questions about security in the Stellar Industrial Supply, Inc.’s website, please send an email to [email protected] .

E-mail & Your Opt-Out Option

Stellar Industrial Supply, Inc. utilizes some outside e-mail marketing software.  We may from time to time, send you email messages about site updates, or other Stellar Industrial Supply, Inc. offers. However, if you prefer to ease your email load or just are not interested in the information, you can opt-out of our email program.

Correcting, Updating or Deleting Your Personal Information

From time to time, it may become necessary for you to alter the personally identifiable information we have about you or your account (a new zip code, phone number, title, etc.). We have established simple ways for you to correct, update or remove your personal data. This can be accomplished online at our Web site by clicking on Contact Us. For modifications to your account set-up, please contact your Account Manager.