Stellar Industrial


Stellar Industrial Supply is a privately held, ISO/AS9120-certified premier industrial supplier. Our specialists, sales force and customer experience managers serve small, medium and large manufacturers; federal, state and local municipalities; and commercial construction companies across the United States.

We Are Dedicated

We have invested in our business to maintain our profitability and stability. We partner with our customers and suppliers to provide individual products and individualized solutions that help you save costs and boost profit, efficiently and without frustration. We go onsite to handle purchasing, receiving and delivery; obtain competitive pricing; and manage tools and inventory.

Your Diligent yet Creative, Hard-Working but Easy-To-Work-With Partner

Innovating our solutions, caring about our people, performing as one with our suppliers and customers. That is how we thrive—acting with authenticity and excellence that improves the customer experience, stakeholder trust, market leadership and value— to benefit all involved.


What truly differentiates Stellar from other industrial supply companies is our divisional approach to supporting customers. We operate through five divisions, each with its own product and market specialists. These specialists utilize specific industry and product knowledge to help customers receive the best value for the greatest profitability.

Stellar offers fully customized industrial supply solutions, supporting all of our divisions. Committed to bringing our products to our customers as efficiently as possible, our solutions engineers closely collaborate with you to look at what types of products you use, who is using which products and how frequently you use them. The specialist then develops automated equipment and solutions, such as point-of-use vending, that serve your unique needs. We also track product levels to continuously refine replenishment and ultimately provide the greatest value.


Our Aerospace division brings best practices, products and processes to aerospace manufacturers and machine shops throughout the United States. Stellar’s AS9120 certification assures our customers that we have the robust quality processes that the aerospace industry needs in place.


Our Marine division brings a market focus to the OEM boat builder and other marine-related businesses. Our specialists offer best practices and solutions for marine customers throughout the United States; they include qualified fit-test specialists for our respiratory and other protection products, and a certified Fall Protection Competent Person. With unparalleled industry expertise, they locally serve the Southwest, Southeast and Northwest United States to provide on-site and hands-on assistance in product and process improvements for our customers.


This division employs factory-trained specialists who handle the supply of all our metalworking and associated products. With years of experience in shop applications and industrial distribution, we represent the majority of leading suppliers in the metalworking industry and command the highest distribution discounts available. Marine Supply. Our Marine division brings a market focus to the OEM boat builder and other marine-related businesses. Our specialists offer best practices and solutions for marine customers throughout the United States.


Our industrial MRO specialists lend their experience and expertise to all of our industrial products outside of our other dedicated divisions. By focusing on these products, we provide the supply, service and support that you need to capably do your job.

Safety Supply

This division is dedicated to all of our customers personal protection equipment (PPE). It is comprised of safety specialists who answer technical questions and provide one invoice for all categories purchased. We also provide a variety of seminars on protection, safety and handling.


We start by showing you how we can help improve your business in your most painful or needy areas. Then over time, we prove to you that we have in fact helped tremendously improve your profit. All we ask in return is you help improve our business by giving us more product volume.

The Cycle of Value

When we succeed in creating value for our customers, we can pass this business along to our suppliers. We in turn, ask our suppliers to provide high-performance yet fairly priced products, and to provide other ideas that can help our customers profit further.

We believe that through true partnership, we can give value while receiving it — for our:

  • Customers, providing products and product enhancements that improve their systems and processes to help them increase their efficiency, throughput and bottom line
  • Associates, expanding their opportunities to reap economic and career-related rewards
  • Suppliers, enabling them to expand their market share, introduce new products and optimize their supply chain to ultimately help them increase their bottom line
  • Communities, giving back the value we have created for our customers and suppliers to our local communities
  • Shareholders, compiling the value generated by our customers, associates, suppliers and communities to benefit all of our shareholders



Integrity with Respect, Commitment & Passion

We deal openly, honestly and forthrightly with everyone in the pursuit of sustainable win/win partnerships. We treat everyone the way we’d like to be treated.



We are responsible stewards for the benefit of our shareholders, associates, customers, suppliers, industry and our communities.



We are committed to excellence in all endeavors.



We believe in the power of collective action to make a difference in the world.


Continuous Improvement

We believe in lifelong learning and in
forever honing our capabilities. We are progressive.


We Serve

We believe the path to success, to making things better, is to give and to serve.


Services Backed By Advanced Technology

To customize service for customers, we leverage advanced technologies with:
  • An automated and semi-automated indirect material management system that supports:
    • Integration with industry-leading software like;
      • Handheld bin management
      • Kanban inventory systems
      • Point-of-use solutions
      • RFID solutions
      • Stellar Managed Inventory (SMI)—consigned and non-consigned options
    • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)/XML capabilities
Our technologies further allow us to offer:
  • Billing and reporting options specific to your needs
  • Web ordering integrated with our overall business processes, which enables:
    • Real-time pricing and availability
    • Online consignment management
Experts Strengthened by Training
  • Our employees continuously pursue training in:
    • Technology via automation, for CribMaster and other manufacturing software
    • Metal cutting tools
    • Safety
    • Lean Practices