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Frequently Asked Questions

Sign In

How do I sign in?
Click the sign in link on the top right of the page, then use your email and password to get access into your account.
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What do I do if I forgot my password?
From the sign in page, click the forgot password link: Enter in your email address and we will send you an email will contain a link, this will take you to a site to reset your password.
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How do I register to get access to my account?
Fill out the register for an account page.  A Stellar associate will review and approve your access and inform you when your account is approved and ready to use.
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How do I add/delete users or make changes to my account?
Contact your local Stellar associate to add and delete users from your account.

How do I change the Bill to or Ship to account?
You must be logged in to your account to make this change.  Do this by clicking "Addresses" in the top navigation under my account section and selecting the appropriate account. Keep in mind that this will clear your cart.

Finding Product

How do I browse or search for products?
You can search through our brands list, categories list or use the search box and enter keywords, manufacturer numbers or any product information you might be looking for.

How do you use your own part numbers?
If we have your part numbers on file, you can use them to search. If not, please contact a Stellar Associate to set up your part numbers.

Do product pages contain spec sheets or installation instructions?
Yes if they exist. Catalog items will have the product detail information on the product detail pages.

The product I found has no price, how do I get pricing on this item?
Simply add the request for price product into your shopping cart and use our request quote solution to have one of our Stellar Associates price the material for you.

Can I check stock from other Stellar Locations?
By default, inventory is displayed by your Stellar Home Branch. But from any product details page, you can check inventory by clicking the Check all locations hyperlink and inventory for all locations will be displayed.


How do I select will call or delivery?
From the shopping cart page, select your preference of delivery or will call.

Can I will call my material at any Stellar Location?
Yes, from the shopping cart, select will call and choose the branch that you would like to will call material. Inventory will adjust by Stellar Location.

How do I change the address for my delivery?
You must be under your shop account or bill to account in order to change a delivery address. From the delivery information page select the Ship to drop down and select create new. After selecting create new, you can then enter your delivery address information.

What different delivery options are available to me?
 You have 2 options for your deliveries

  1. Deliver as items become available, potentially creating multiple shipments
  2. Deliver complete when all items are available

Can I request specific will call/delivery dates?
You have the ability to select requested delivery/will call dates and time frames from the delivery information page. Times are not guaranteed, but we will do our best to accommodate your request. If there are any issues, a Stellar associate will communicate these issues back to you.

What if I need to add any delivery or will call notes on my order?
From the bottom of the checkout page you can enter any notes, phone number, special instructions you might need to add to your order.

What are my billing options when checking out with an order?
If you have a credit account with Stellar you can bill orders to your account. You also have the option to pay by credit card or pay when you pick up if you are will calling material.

Can my credit card number be stored on to shop online?
We do not store credit card numbers, but can store a secure token.  Please contact our credit department for assistance.

How do I know if my order was successful?
If your order was placed successfully, you will be brought to the thank you and order confirmation page. An email confirmation will also be sent to you and Stellar to make sure your order is completed.

How do I view status of my orders?
Please login to you account and select the order history tab from my account. You will then be displayed status of all of your orders.



Can I view my invoices online?
Yes, if you have an account with Stellar, all invoices will be available to you. You can search, print, download and view all invoices.

How do I see my open invoices total?
From the invoices page, displayed with be your account information. You can filter or search any invoice that you might be looking for.


How do we handle freight/shipping costs on orders?
Freight costs will be assessed by a Stellar associate and communicated to back to you.

Does Stellar have ability to calculate freight for carriers like UPS?
No, freight calculation is not an option as we cannot offer weight and dimensions of an order until it is filled to determine freight charges.

Is there a freight estimator on the website?
No, freight costs will have to be calculated internally and quoted to you.

General Questions

Will the site link out to Manufacturer websites?
No, spec sheets will be available directly from our website. They can be found on the Product Detail Page.

How does pricing work?
Pricing is customer specific. If you have pricing issues, please contact your Stellar Sales Associate.

Can I look up pricing and availability on the website?
Pricing and availability will be shown for all stocking products. A request for price is also available for non-catalog products with a request price option and that request will be sent Stellar for pricing.

What is the Mobile Experience like?
Our site is mobile interactive; it is designed to format onto handheld devices and function with iOS, Android, and tablet operating systems..