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Stellar Industrial Supply Helps Customers Save Money

Industrial Supply Magazine2/1/2022

During a year with significant supply chain disruptions, Stellar Industrial Supply's Documented Cost Savings program helped customers reduce tooling, inventory, and associated costs by 25 percent in 2021.

On average, Stellar Industrial Supply customers saved nearly $50,000 as part of $17.92 million in total customer-approved DCS cost savings.

The DCS program aims to foster “Ideal Customer-Supplier Partnerships.” Working on behalf of both parties, Stellar Industrial Supply deploys the most efficient, cost-effective products that optimize plant operations and help run them smartly and safely. Since its inception in 2010, the DCS program has generated over $147 million in cost savings, all of which are customer verified.

The company also named SECO, Dynabrade, and SGS as members of its premium STARS Supplier Program. STARS recognizes supply partners that share the Stellar Industrial Supply vision and passion for working closely and collaboratively with customers to ensure they have the best products, services, processes, tools and methodologies that drive plant economies and efficiencies.

“With ongoing supply chain, economy and staffing issues, now more than ever efficiency matters. The savings captured in our Documented Cost Savings program are impactful and real, signed off by the customers but truly felt on the shop floor through improved efficiency and output,” said John Wiborg, Stellar Industrial Supply CEO. “Critical strong partners not only invest in products that make clients more efficient but also are committed to providing inventory to priority partners and customers. SECO, Dynabrade, and SGS are all fantastic partners who we are honored to be aligned and closely working with."