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JET® 181210 JLH Compact Lever Hoist, 0.25 ton Load, 10 ft H Lifting, 45 lb Rated, 0.83 in Hook

JET® 181210 JLH Compact Lever Hoist, 0.25 ton Load, 10 ft H Lifting, 45 lb Rated, 0.83 in Hook

jlh-25-10 1/4t compact lever hoist 10ft

Stellar Part #JETEQ 181210

MFG Part #181210


Product Description:

JET® Lever Hoist, Compact, Series: JLH, 0.25 ton, 10 ft Lifting Height, 7-9/10 in Minimum Between Hooks, 0.83 in Hook Opening, 45 lb Pull to Lift, 5.71 in Lever Length, 1 Reeving, Dual Pawl Weston Brake, 3.43 in W
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  • Weston style dual pawl brake system- dual pawl design increases safety by splitting the load to opposite sides of the ratchet gear for greater load security
  • Cast steel safety latches increased durability with heavy duty safety latches secured with allen screws and lock nuts
  • Heat treated load plates- heat treated for durability, these extend the life of the hoist in the harshest of environments
  • Compact design smaller body and lightweight design for low headroom applications and use in confined areas
  • Certification- load tested to 125% of capacity with certificate
  • Alloy steel hooks- industrial rated hooks rotate 360 deg for easy rigging
  • Hooks slowly stretch to indicate an overload situation increasing jobsite safety
  • Carrying case- included is a nylon carrying case for convenient transportation, reducing trips to the tool room and prevents any unnecessary damage to the hoist
  • Work to weight ratio at 3.5 pounds, the 1/4 ton JLH compact lever hoist can pull or hold a load more than 140 times its weight
  • Compact power- A 1/4 ton of pulling power that fits in the palm of your hand
  • Geared drive train- JET's exclusive five gear drive train requires less force to lift or secure a load
  • Aluminum housing- durable, impact resistant, aluminum alloy housings makes the JLH compact lever hoist one of the lightest hoists on the market
  • Grade 100 load chain- corrosive resistant grade 100 load chain is stronger than grade 80 load chain extending the life of the hoist