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Starrett® 98-4 98 Series Precision Uncalibrated Machinist's Level, 4 in L, Cast Iron

Starrett® 98-4 98 Series Precision Uncalibrated Machinist's Level, 4 in L, Cast Iron

level machinists ci 0.005in/ft 1 vials

Stellar Part #STARR 98-4

MFG Part #98-4

MFG Name:L.S. Starrett

Product Description:

Starrett® Machinist's Level, Precision Uncalibrated, Series: 98 Series, 0.005 in/ft Accuracy, 4 in Length, 1 Vials, Glass Vial, Cast Iron, Black/Silver
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  • The base of the levels features a groove running the length of the base, which provides a reliable seat for round work such as pipes or shafting
  • V-shaped groove along the base provides reliable seating when leveling round items
  • The vial is made of ground glass to resist scratching
  • Levels are instruments that are used to determine the true horizontal or vertical plane of a surface
  • The most common type of level is the spirit level, or bubble level
  • Spirit levels have a liquid-filled, bowed tube (also called a vial) with a bubble that moves when slight adjustments are made to the level
  • When the bubble settles between marked points on the vial, it indicates that a surface is horizontally or vertically straight
  • Levels can have one or more vials to determine the horizontal plane, the vertical plane, or various points between, such as a 45 deg angle, simultaneously
  • Some levels include a laser line indicator that projects a horizontal or vertical beam on a surface
  • Bulls eye levels, or surface levels, are circular, flat-bottomed spirit levels that determine whether a surface plane is level
  • Machinists' levels are made of metal and have surfaces designed specifically for rugged use in a machine shop or tool room
  • Cross test vial enables simultaneous leveling in two directions
  • Levels can range from highly-complex and accurate machines, such as those used in the surveying and construction industry, to precision instruments used in carpentry and other building trades, to simple, pocket-sized devices for do-it-yourself project
  • The vials are adjustable to a positive setting and are housed in a satin finished brass tube with a friction-fit closing cover to prevent breakage
  • Main level vials have graduations that are approximately 80-90 seconds or 0.005 in per foot (0.42 mm per meter)
  • Cast iron base for durability
  • There are five, six, or seven lines on each side of the bubble, depending on the base length
  • 1 level vial
  • Unmilled surface
  • Brass frame material